Saturday, April 18, 2009

Battle Report: Battle the First

So we finally got our stuff together and had ourselves a battle. 2 1000 point lists on each side, Spearhead deployment and Capture and Control victory condition. My vet spam guard was paired with Caleb's Tau against Russell's Nids and Pechous' Marine bikers. As you'll probably be able to notice from the pics, we are a very proxy friendly people, especially since three of us are still putting our new armies together piece by piece. You'll be able to see pics of the battle in my web album.

1st turn: The emperor’s luck was with us! My to LRBT fired on different targets, sowing havoc and taking out 4 space marine bikers and at least half a squad of gaunts. The chimeras also proved their worth, helping to place two more wounds on the bikers and 3 on the flying warriors. The Tau did not favor so well, failing to wound a rhino and one of the fexes.

The marine bikers charge up the right flank, some turbo boosting to provide cover to the others. A lascannon from the rhino stunned my plasma squad, and the sniper fex threw all of its might against my far right chimera to no avail. Tau Fire Warriors bore the brunt of the assault, losing three of their number in the name of the Greater Good. The Tyranid Warriors tried to destroy a Devilfish, but the xeno armor proved too strong. Multimelta shooting from the mind controlled marines proved inaccurate, praise the Emperor! The gaunts tried charging my command chimera but remembered at the last moment that they could not wound it. Huzzah!

2nd turn: Little movement took place other than my melta chimera racing up the left flank to destroy the rhino. All chimeras popped smoke while the LRBTs opened fire, destroying another warrior and a bike. My command chimera decided to teach the insolent gaunts their lesson and opened fire. The vet gunners failed to hit miserably, which made my commander angry. Barking orders to the pilot, the valiant chimera gunners eliminated the remaining gaunts for the Emperor. My other chimeras had either moved fast or were stunned, so that ended my shooting. The Tau shooting was particularly bad, except for the Hammerhead which wrecked the Space Marine transport.

Genestealers tried to emerge, but the Imperator Ex Machina was providing sufficient support to delay their arrival. As expected, bikes moved up the right flank and proceeded to assault our lines, and a carnifex looked at a devilfish hungrily. The assault phase was brutal- my right chimera and leman russ were both stunned and the bikes crashed into our lines most mightily. The left battlesuit contingent was slaughtered, and my chimera bit it along with 5 vets.

After this the tide of battle turned against us. Waves upon waves of troops were assaulting and assaulted. A Leman Russ was destroyed. All my chimeras were annihilated. Guardsmen charged into combat and were slaughtered. We called the game after our shooting phase on turn 5, when my vindictive LRBT slaughtered outflanking stealers with 9 HB shots and a point blank ranged battle cannon shot.

Notes in the battle report: I needed to be more aggressive with my chimera deployment and needed to utilize my army’s mobility more effectively. The entire game I had them standing still instead of outflanking along the left flank, and when I tried to do so it was too late and too little. I also needed to find choke points to channel my fire and slow down the rapacious enemy advance. Better placement of my chimeras would have also been nice, as an untimely emergency disembark shattered what was left of our right flank. Also some kind of counter charge element/ tarpit to hold back enemy assaulters from my gunline would be nice, and especially away from the LRBTs. Stupid power fists…

On the positive side, LRBTs are awesome, and I need more of them. Battle cannons and 3 heavy bolters really mowed down infantry like grain, and AV 13/14 easily evaded most enemy fire. Also blast weapons were for the most part exceedingly accurate and devastating in the game; several mortar squads in a gunline would not be out of the question. Over all I believe that a more static gunline army would suit my play style a bit better and would also throw more shots out into the air. I could also fit in artillery, which would be excellent. Perhaps a build involving psyker battle squads and plenty of DFA… though that might be better for a bit more than 1000 point lists. I think I needed a lot more anti infantry, especially against Nids/ the bike army. All my meltas didn’t do me very much, though I can definitely see how they could be useful. As much as I hate to say it, an outflanking vet squad in Valks/Vendettas would be pretty awesome. Prob not going to do it

Still, it was a fun game, and I finally got to play some 40k!

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