Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ogre Circus: 1500 List Thoughts

Apologies for the late post today- I have a certification test coming up for work tomorrow and have been sillily (is that a real word?) preparing for that rather than working on my toy monsters. So, in lieu of any hobby update I thought I would type up the list that I am hoping to run on Sunday for the 1500 phase of the escalation league.

My previous (1000 pt) list was this:

Tyrant, Cathayan Longsword, Ironcurse Icon, Heavy Armor, Luck Gnoblar

Butcher, Wyrdstone Necklace, Luck Gnoblar

6 Ogre Bulls w/ Ogre clubs, Bellower
6 Ironguts, Standard Bearer w/ Standard of Discipline


The list performed rather mediocrely, smashing Orcs and Ogres but getting absolutely slaughtered by High Elf magic. I found that when I could get off my Butcher's spells I won and when I couldn't/ was hampered by stupid Shadow magic I was cut to ribbons. There were also plenty of play problems, but it's what I had at the time.

So, expanding that to 1500 I wanted to include a few things, including:
  • BSB. Having rerollable leadership, especially if I choose to include Mawseeker on my characters, is amazing. Plus adds another combat character to my force and ups the banner count by 1 so I don't auto lose if we roll Blood and Glory.
  • Runemaw. The only banner that the Ogres have that is worth taking, it throws enemy spells onto a hapless nearby (gnoblar) unit. Either goes on the BSB or the Ironguts... but probably the BSB.
  • Ward save for the Tyrant. Either 4+ or 5+ depending on how points work out.
  • 4+ ward for the butcher. Having a decent save from his own gutmagic is awesome.
  • Scraplauncher and the requisite Gnoblar Fighters. Scrappies are AMAZING this edition and grant some *gasp* shooting to my bellowing hordes. The Gnoblars serve double duty as necessary to unlocking the Scrappie and being a lovely chump unit for Runemaw to dump on.
So here's a rough draft of the list including those things above. It doesn't quite feel right to me yet but I don't know what is missing.

Ogre Circus, 1500

Tyrant, Armor of Destiny, Cathayan Longsword, Ironcurse Icon (265)

Butcher, 4+ ward save thingy from the BRB (170)
Bruiser, BSB, Runemaw, Cathayan Longsword, Heavy Armor (190-ish)

6 Bulls with clubs, Bellower (220)
6 Ironguts with standard (278)
20 Gnoblars (40)

Scraplauncher (165)

Gorger (75)
...leaving me with somewhere around 100 pts to spend. This could go towards upgrading the Bulls to ironfist/light armor, throwing in 2-3 more bulls for a nice 4x3 unit with the command characters, getting another two Ironguts, getting some more bling for my characters, more gnoblars... the list is endless.
I think my number of units is pretty damn low, but I'll have to think about what I can reasonably create in the next couple of weeks before I get started.
Another lame post tomorrow as I have to study tonight, but hopefully some good old fashioned content on Monday. Thanks for reading!

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Ben said...

A few questions and suggestions:
How much has the Ironcurse Icon actually done for you? I suppose if it saves you even one wound, it’s made its cost back…but still, it seems like kind of a waste when you’re not really all that vulnerable to, say, giant mortar hits.

How effective has the Gorger been at killing warmachines and rear-echelon archers? It seems pretty good on paper, in which case I’d recommend two to give you some reliability on them actually showing up and doing what they’re supposed to. And if you have an extra? Hey, he can rear charge someone for that +1 CR, or get in a unit’s face and be obnoxiously unbreakable.

I’d skip the Ironfists/LA – that’s what, 50 points for either a 5+ armor save (ignored by most things that are actually scary to bulls) or 3 extra WS3 S4 attacks with the extra hand weapons?

I also support more Gnoblars. They bulk the list out to protect your flanks and can help out with obnoxious units like Eagles, or just soak charges for your real units.

Finally, your BSB cannot take any extra weapons. So no longsword for him.

I have you at 1392 at the moment, without the sword. So drop the Icon, bringing you to 1377, and take maybe another Gorger and 20 Gnoblars, which costs 115. Then you have 8 points left for anything you want (anything super cheap, that is).