Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ogre Circus: Clown Faces

Seeing as Ogre armies have so few models and I am a fair bit ridiculous, I have decided that they shall all have names. So come on in, set up a chair and meet the clowns!

Chaplin here is a very refined Ogre... he devours at least three middle class English bankers a day! He'll soon be holding my banner, but for right now he has a stick of Beating.

Pirello hails from the south of the world, where his maudlin antics have more mass appeal.

Curly shall have a Clown Fro of Rainbow Awesomeness some day... for now he just has a big nose and an even bigger attitude.

Beanie might not be the brightest of the bunch, but he's smart enough to know that the more blades you have the better! He'll also be the occasional unit champion, as more blades=more attacks, duh!

Honks you've seen before... Clowns don't use Bellowers, they have squeaky horns!

Finally, Chuckles, my most terrifying clown. So terrifying, in fact, that I decided to paint him first, for fear that he would eat my eyeballs at night. *shudders*

If I am still alive, there will be a painted Chuckles tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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