Friday, October 8, 2010

Ogre Circus: A Car of Clowns

No, there is no actual clown car. But there are plenty of painted clowns to see!

 Curly's fro was one of the driving forces behind this army. Seeing it in real life brings a *snif* tear to my eye.

 Of course the IT makeup had to make an appearance at some point...
 I really like how the gut plates tuned out- clown faces EVERYWHERE!
 In case your wondering, the only paint that I used for the skin is grey primer from Board to Pieces and a heavy Gryphonne Sepia wash. It gave just the right amount of color in the right places, leaving the skin pale like the pics in the army book.
And Chaplin. His beard is my favorite.

Thanks for reading again... more circus fun next time!

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