Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ogre Circus: GORGER POLL!

For those of you that skim, check out the poll over on the right!

To begin today's post, I'd like to extend my thanks to both Ryan from On The Painting Table and the dynamic duo Brent and John (Lauby? John? Eh, I give up) for placing Defending Humanity in the FTW Top 10 and HoPcakes Top X lists this week. Thanks guys- it's awesome to get great positive feedback from the community. And I totally wasn't lazy and put that HoP logo up before today... :)

Anyway, I've got lots more Ogre goodness to share but today I'd like to ask for your feedback on a dilemma that I've been having. I'm trying to put together a counts-as Gorger model for the Circus but I'm just not sure what kind of head I should use for them. I'm theming them up as strongmenogres and have the bodies put together and I can't decide which way to go with them:

Should I...

a) go more with the standard Gorger model and use giant heads?

or b) go with an ogre head for more of a classic strongman look?

And here's the two side by side:

So what'll it be? Let me know in the poll/comments/e-mail! Poll will close next Wednesday. Thanks for reading!


CounterFett said...

I like the giant head better because it reminds me of the evil clown Pennywise from Steven King's "IT"

Max said...

I think that's what I'm gonna go with.