Monday, October 4, 2010

Ogre Circus: Send in the Clowns

LADIES and GENTLEMAN, CHILDREN of ALL AGES! I direct your attention to the large tent that has sprouted just outside the walls of your fair city, its red and yellow stripes flapping in the breeze! I am Burnam, Tyrant and Ringmaster of Burnam and Butcher's BIGGEST.... SHOW... ON... EARTH!

SEE the largest clowns you'd ever dreamed of, clanking about in merry glee! THRILL  at the dangers taken by our brave and limitless supply of Gnoblar Cannonballs! GASP at the chained and beaten aspects of the Four Terrors of the Known World! MARVEL at acrobatic feats of our weapon juggling Gnoblars! STARE at the biggest (and largest!) collection of freaks ever gathered in one place! THRILL at the many rides and games of chance we have to offer! And DEVOUR as much meat and candy as you can, slathered in only the finest of sauces!

TRULY, Barnum and Butcher's BIGGEST SHOW ON EARTH has something for everyone! Come early and come often, as we love to take a BITE out of our crowds!


So, as you may have guessed I have decided on a Circus/carnival theme for my Ogres. Why that was the first thought that jumped into my head when I saw the big lugs is anyone's guess, but it is true.  Fantasy 8th ed seemed like the perfect chance to give my bumbling troupe of fools the chance to exist. I mainly chose to do this army because I love conversion possibilities and this army would allow a nice, easy learning curve due to the large size of the models to practice greenstuffing and other techniques. We'll get into more depth tomorrow, but for now I thought that I would introduce you to some sneak peeks of my clowns:

Yes, those are ironfists that I have turned into clown shoes. The battlebox comes with more than enough for my brutes to use, so I decided to use the extras instead of trying to shape shoes out of greenstuff.

Tomorrow: meet the clowns!

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