Monday, October 11, 2010

Ogre Circus: The Sideshow

Today I thought that I might show another part of the army that I am working on, the Terrors of the Known World. These guys sprang out of my mind while trying to think of a way to get Ironguts to fit my theme. Armored clowns seemed weird, circus security seemed to lame, so what to do?

 And then it hit me... the old circuses/carnivals used to have a side show where they'd show off the freaks of nature and humanity. Which turns out to be really easy to convert to Warhammer terms! Give those inbred peasants a taste of adventure- let them see the big beasties up close and personal!

 The minotaur was the first monster that popped into my mind for various reasons. One, it seemed sooo right bending a creature of the forest to "civilized" entertainment.
 Two, the plastic kit is pretty darn good. Some call it ugly, but for my purposes it's freakish physique is perfect for my sideshow attitude.
 One of my goals was to make the creatures imprisoned in the circus as beaten and down trodden as possible. What's more humiliating to a minotaur than to be chained, beaten by a gnoblar, and- possibly the worst offense- forced to wear pants? Truly, my mind knows no limits of cruelty.
 The troll also seemed a perfect fit. I debated repositioning the arms, but making sure all that metal was stable seemed like a real chore. So I just threw some chains on there and called it good.
 ...and a bear trap. Did I mention that the Ogre sprues have hilarious weapons on them? Plus, the mandatory humiliating pants. Take that, trollboy.
 The kroxigor just felt right to me- a big monster with scales to represent the heavy armor and a great weapon. I threw a howda on his back for a gnoblar to ride in and decided to primitivize his weapon selection with a big club.
 I also continued the animal cruelty theme by slicing off his tail. And pants, of course.
Well, that's about it for them. Until then, thanks for reading!


CounterFett said...

These are great. I especially love the pants. Not only would that vex such creatures, but it would cater to the sensibilities of the rural folk the circus would cater to.

Shows a lot of thought went into these.

Max said...

Thanks! I like thinking, though it sometimes leads me into complicated projects. Glad you think it turned out well!