Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ogre Circus: The Butch- err, Sweet Vendor

One of the simplest conversions that you can make in an Ogre army is the Butcher/Slaughtermaster. Sure you could go all out and buy the metal model, but why do that when you have so many Bulls lying around? Most of what you need to do is flatten out a piece of greenstuff and let it cure for a few hours. Grab a beer, paint some other models, then come back and put an apron on your bull. Instantly you have a butcher. Gussy him up with some blades for hands or big slabs of raw meat and blood spatters and you're good to go.

Of course, in the Biggest Show on Earth things are a bit... different.

What gets eaten a lot at the circus? Cotton candy. And the idea of a butcher casting spells and incurring miscasts from eating too many sweets just amuses me. Gives a whole new meaning to the spell Toothcracker...

Hope you enjoyed, and see you tomorrow!

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