Friday, October 22, 2010

Recipe: Meat Cupcakes!

And now, for something completely different... meat cup cakes!

Rachel: I think we should make meatloaf this week.
Me: What about meat cup cakes?
Rachel: ... what?
Me: It's meatloaf... but CUP CAKES! We can use mashed potatoes as frosting!
Rachel: ... OK, I'm in.

So, we (and by we I mean Rachel, thanks honey!) made meat cup cakes... which it turns out is actually EASIER to make than meat loaf.

Step 1: find a meat loaf recipe
Step 2: make meat loaf mix
Step 3: put mix into cupcake wrappers and/or into cupcake tin. REMEMBER: meat doesn't rise, so if you want a dome shape, you have to make it!
Step 4: bake for 1/3-1/2 the normal meatloaf time
Step 5: Profit! I mean, Cup Cakes!

The little red bit on top is ketchup, but you could probably also put that in the core for molten goodness. Add other toppings like mashed potatoes, cheese, etc. as desired.

Plus, our meat cup cakes were actually HEALTHY. Did you hear that? HEALTHY MEAT CUP CAKES.

My mind, is blown.

Warhammer goodness returns on Monday... thanks for reading!