Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ogre Circus: Painted Sideshow, Part 3

For Part 1 and Part 2

Today we come to the final part of the trio of Terrors, the Minotaur. Now, I'd like to take a minute here to say that I am against animal cruelty in all forms. Even the more savage beasts have a right to be exempt from cruelty.

But beast-men? Now there's something that can take some beating.

The banner was a lot of fun to put together- I hope to have similar banners for the rest of my army.
His gnoblar taskmaster serves well both as encouragement to the Minotaur as well as the occasional Look-Out Gnoblar
An aerial view showing off some more scars.
And a bit of a close up- note the wooden leg. And as you might also notice the banner is magnetized and can be replaced with a great weapon if needed.
So that ends the Terrors of the Known World... at least until I decide to move to a 4x2 Ironguts formation. Thanks for reading!

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